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CMC on The Race Site!

Jeff Trask

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Miss you out there.Nobody can drive a 'stang like you. I been using some Grand-Am cup connections to get with Nonnamakers to put things on the racesite..trying to get money to work with Mark Hughes in ST1,you won races with Mark...

,Working with Robert Davis on Phoenix and Cali Speedway in STII with Miata

Interested in running at Cali Speedway in ST II..Working on this Miata deal..But would love to run the beemer with you..

Jeff..E-mail me and tell me what you are up to.


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I have been sending the CMC race report and pictures to Wayne who has been posting all of our events and updates.

Check it out..and thanks Wayne and Per for the coverage!!

Jeff , nice to see you looking in!!

Tony Guaglione

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I'm not far away. I'll be back at Willow Springs. Dad has offered his car for one of the days racing. Just trying to make time between Wife, 3 sons, business and Porsche 912's! So much to do, but we're going to try to fit some CMCing in soon. Wonder how a '99 Stang would dyno...

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Looking forward to running with you at Willow Springs. And to see you in the 4-th Gen car will be interesting..All these CMC newbies will have a great eye opener watching your driving style..

And maybe you should go see the movie "Anger Management".. Remember Cali Speedway last year!!...lol...Jeff . great to have you back!!


Did not know you were a Porsche person too .


Per Helldin

CMC #81 (AI #88)

Porsche Club of America

California Central Coast region

Vice-President and Driving events Chairman


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Looking forward to running the Camaro, too. I'll see if I can't push that turd to the front!


As for the Porsche gig, well I needed to do something car related that keeps me closer to home. I'm the secretary and newsleter editor for the 912 Registry (www.912registry.org) and the local So Cal 912 coordinator (www.socal912.org). Keeps me very busy!

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