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Learn how to drive Laguna Seca

Richard Pryor1548534703

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During the weekend of April 25/26/27 Matt Adams is going to conduct a Laguna Seca competition driving clinic in conjunction with the SCCA Regionals. It starts out with a track familiarization on Friday at 5:30 pm for approximately two hours and then concludes with lectures on various information needed to drive Laguna (and other tracks) at the optimum. Saturday and Sunday Matt will be observing, critiqueing and lecturing if you're in the race groups, and instructing the non racers observing the action....if you want to learn how to drive properly in competition from a champion road racer and car builder this is a great opportunity...it's $150 for the course...I'm signed up and will be under Matt's instruction and help for the weekend...and I've been doing this for 35 years now...I still use a golf pro to help me with my swing too....I've found it's amazing how much a 3rd party can help you in sensory overload situations...if you want to learn how to race...give Matt a call at 831-659-7660 to reserve a space in his class....tell him I sent you and maybe he'll help me wax my race car...richard pryor

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