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Time to register for Willow..

Tony G

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Its time again, so if you have not registered please do it soon, as last time you guys did great and registered early so we had a big car count in and got the best track times of the weekend..so lets do it again!

Get ready for a Saturday night BBQ with the CMC group and the A/I group as one.



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I'm in!


The Robinson Motorsport team will be camping at the track and may even have margaritas again....


Look forward to seeing you all there.



CMC #12 Mustang

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Question - Friday test day?


1 - I'm assuming that we need to make reservations through the track.


2 - willowspringsraceway.com sez:


(Willow Springs Raceway only -- available Fridays only)


1. Current W.S.I.R. membership required for drivers @ $75.00 per calendar year.

2. Race-prepared vehicles only. Unlimited number of vehicles allowed.

a. Race prepared vehicles must have a roll bar or roll cage, a 5 point harness, fire supression/extinguisher, a fuel cell, and external electrical cut off switch.

b. All drivers must have current industry approved helmet (i.e., Snell 95), and all appropriate driving apparel.


3. Reservations required. Notice of cancellation appreciated.

4. No emergency personnel provided. No passengers allowed. Photography from spectator areas only.

5. Fees are $75.00 per driver / $75.00 per vehicle / $10.00 per crew member (any person over 8 years old).


Will we have an issue not having fuel cells?

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Hey Brad -


I saw your car tonight. Its black right? Has #36 on it?


Thats $75 per driver + $75 for the car + $75 for the test card.




- N

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Don't sweat the fuel cells. We've never had a problem running stock tanks on test days and I am surprised to see that rule.



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Yeah Brad, I did a test-day there last year, before installing my Fuel-Safe and it wasn't a problem at all. In fact it was pretty slack at the track. Esse' #81...

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