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Wheels and Brakes


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I have a buddy who is considering CMC here in TX, ya'll have been doing it longer than anyone else, I'd like to pass along some good questions he's been asking me:


His car is an 88 Mustang (bowtie groan inserted here) and he has drums in the back. Given the CMC limitiations on brake upgrades, what type of brakes can he install on the front/rear to get him to a disc/disc arrangement with 5 lugs vs. the 4 lug setup he now has?


Also, he asked me what 16x8" wheel you guys mainly run.


Your help is greatly appreciated. I'm not much good to him as all I memorized were the AI rules when I made my car TIA for the assistance!

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Mike, the Baer Sport kit is best for the front: 12" rotors and the PBR twin piston caliper. That is the maximum by rule. However, I ran last season with the 87-93 factory 11" rotors and calipers with Hawk blue pads and made it work. It comes down to cost. For the rear I run 10" rotors and single piston calipers as allowed by rule. The parts are from T-bird Turbo Coupe. This set-up is common and is available from Stainless Steel Brakes in kit form. I have stayed with 4 lug but Ford does sell a conversion kit to go five lug in the rear. Again, cost is a concern here. ROH wheels are popular as are the Cobra R replicas. Don't get too bogged down on the trick set-up right away. Just get out there and have some fun!


Greg Robinson

CMC #12 Mustang

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Thanks for the reply. We'll be running against Todd Covini in CMC here in TX so we want to be competitive out of the box. Which ROH rims (part numbers or description appreciated)? Which brake kit? Let me know, I am familiar wiht the M-2300 kit and it's cost, if the Baer is better or worse and more/less expensive, can you point me to a link to learn about it?


Any of you using bolt-in roll cages? Which one's passed tech? We don't have time to get a weld-in one done this summer, want to get a MM kit if they work, if not, we'll pony up and buy an AutoPower. Just want to make sure we get one that is legal so we don't waste our $$ or time. Thanks again!

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Mike ,

Go with the Auto power, it fits really well and is legal.

As for wheels,ROH and Cobra copies are avail all over the place make sure they are 16X8's.

You can also set up your front brakes by using a 94/95 Cobra caliper and cut down rotors to 12",and re-drilling the holes in the brakets,I have done this with very good results,cost is around $500 for everythiung.

Good luck!

Tony Guaglione

CMC # 55

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