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Wheel Questions


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Does anyone have the correct wheel offsets for the 3rd gens? From what I understand, the hot setup is to have GTA fronts mounted all the way around.


The issue is that there are NO GTA wheels to be found, and if by chance they are, they're no longer cheap.


I've seen 16x8 racing wheels around on the net with our bolt pattern (4.75x5), but I need the offset numbers to get pricing and order.


Also, what do our wheels weigh? I'd like to know before buying a set of 'lightweight' 50 pounders. I think I read that the GTAs are around 15-17#, is this correct? How about stock weights? 30-ish?



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You can buy GTA wheels in Huntington Beach brand new as replicas.

Stock wheels average 21lbs,the GTA wheels are around 16-17lbs.

I would not spend big money on wheels though,as with CMC any stock 16X8 wheel works fine.The later 5 spoke Z-28 and R/S wheels are much lighter than the early 5 Spoke Z-28 wheels.OK no more secrets.

Hope that helps you a little.


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Here ya go:




I have a set of these, they are fine. Ya, the hot set-up is all fronts. Did you check http://www.thirdgen.org and http://www.camaroz28.com ? I see GTA wheels there on a regular basis. Don't forget to check the local boneyards - GM Sports Salvage in San Jose usually has these too.

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Don't worry Tony - I don't WANT to spend big bucks - I'm hoping that BBS sponsorship works out. That's why I'm looking for the offset numbers for the GTA fronts, to go cheap(ish) until they come through.


Thanks for the links Julie, I hadn't seen that place before. But jeez, almost $800 for a set? I was thinking half of that. Maybe I should reword my post - I can't find any for what I'm willing to pay!


Funny you mention cz28.com - I've been a member there since June of 98. I remember that place going over 500, then 1000 in members. Now it's what - over 38000? That's crazy!

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Brad, just ran across these front GTA wheels if your interested.




Reply to: [email protected]

Date: 2003-05-12, 2:20PM



2 GTA WHEELS Fronts nice offset hard to find mesh style.

16x8 gold with chrome lip. in good condition no caps no lug nuts.

you can also paint them any color. $200.00 OBO

Call for more info thanks. (510)377-4297

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