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Fbody style allowed


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Are the Z28/Trans Am/Formula body styles allowed or does the car have to be a base model like the Camaro or Firebird? I didn't see anything in the rules (as far as I could tell) thats prohibits these models from running. Please advise.


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I don't think it matters for CMC, but I'll have to do some digging to get you a solid answer.


Where in Texas are you located?

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You should be able to run any regular factory f-body within years specified by the rules. I run an '84 Trans-Am, someone else just joined the series out west with another Firebird 3rd gen, and another regular is building an '89 Formula (sans 350). I had an '89 Formula 350 street car - you could only get the 350 with an auto tranny. The Formulas are among the lightest F-bodies. They also came with the 305 and five speed. In '89 the rear brakes were improved (bigger) on the sportier F-bods like the 350 equipped ones. If you could find one with the WS6 package like mine had you get the best ratio steering box.


Personally I'd like to see more Ponchos because there are not many of them running CMC.

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