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Willow - Who's going Friday?


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I plan to be there.


Does anyone know if we can leave racecars/trailers there over night on Friday/Saturday nights? Are they safe?

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I'll be there Friday too. I'm sure Friday it will be fine to leave your car at the track overnight. You can always ask the track folks when you get there Fri to sign up for testing. There will be CMCers camping there both nights and we all pit together, so no worries!

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if any body gets there be for me on friday please set aside two spaces

side by side for Tony and me so we can set up scales in a area big

enough for at laest 4/5 cars

thanks SAM

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Right you are Sam...,Nick,Julie,Brad its up to you to save the spots for our "own impond".

I will be there early Saturday morning.

We have 20 cars signed up with 2 more joining us Sunday.

Biggest field ever!!

WOW..Thanks everyone..


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My dad and I will be there on Friday, not to run though, just hang out. I will be glad to help out with anything I can, I should be there around noon or 1 and my dad will be there around 2 with the car.


See you all there



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