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Willow Temps..


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Sadly, no. We the car was done on Tuesday afternoon, but when I went to move it to put it on the trailer at Unbalanced Engineering, it woudln't go into gear. After tearing the trans out and looking at the clutch, we figured out at about that the pilot bushing as on the tight end of the tolerance scale. The bushing was causing the input shaft to spin after the clutch was engaged. I blew off the test day as a result since we jsut didn't have the energy to thrash on the car anymore.


I dynoed it yesterday and I'm going to break it in on Friday at the track.


Its just *hot* here (SFV) now, and its just about as hot at Willow ..


- N

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Well Buddy..lets get ready to race this weekend..we will not be testing on Friday as I had hoped for..(this crazy thing called work interfered)...But we will be ready for both Sprint Races and Enduro on Saturday.

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