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Willow Enduro...

Steve Graves1548534707

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Hey, Thanx to everyone for their material and Moral Support towards Team CMC on the 3-Hour Enduro saturday nite. To Tony for Fuel and Hawk Blacks for our fronts, to Al for driving his first night-time stint and leaving all the poor Gophers alone in the process. To his buddies who did an excellent job crewing ( all pit-stops went off without a hitch ). To Per for co-ordinating everything, and of course to the #81 Camaro for being So Good to us all. Next up is the 6-Hour nite Enduro out at B-Willow on July 26, Then the 12/25er at T-Hill in December. I think we have another engine lined up that will be thrown in for both races, so we'll still have our CMC engine for Our Series. Again, Thanx. Esse' #81... P.S. Oh Yeah, I forgot to thank our Mascots, Mikki and Matti, Per's wonderful four-legged furry ones, who were both so well behaved over the weekend.

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And a great time was had by all!


Top 10 finish - WAY TO GO!


I've got a few pics from that night - Nick, do you want me to forward them to you?

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