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Willow Springs info request

Greg R.

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Hello everyone. I hope all made it home without any problems and were able to enjoy the holiday. I know I certainly felt a bit more emotion this Memorial Day. I feel fortunate to live in the good old USA and thank all who serve or have served this great country.


If anyone would like to share their experiences--both on-track and off--from this last weekend for possible inclusion in the race report, please email me. Tony and I are working on the report and would like to include as many people as possible. Thanks to everyone for a great weekend! YOU are what makes CMC great.


Greg Robinson

CMC #12 Mustang

[email protected]

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Per and Al, I'm sending Greg my "in-car commentary" for the first shift of the 3-Hour. It would be great if'n y'all could do the same when you have a chance. See Ya, Esse' #81...

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Greg, Help! Do you have somewhere I could fax you my race reports? I just spent a half-hour typing it in the computer at work only to find out that I can't send E-Mail from it. Dang. Thanx, Esse' #81... I just printed it out.

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I sent Greg my recount of the weekend, including the enduro. Well, I did leave out the part where I almost launched the car into the weeds going over 6 by missing a shift but I figure we can leave details like that out.


That enduro was just crazy! We're taking a class win in the 6hr!!

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