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Air flow opening on the 3rd Gen Firebird


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I failed to get a good view or picture of the front opening cut for air flow on a Firebird.... Lady.... Julie could you email me a picture of yours as I saw you also run a 'Bird or anyone that can give me some advice would be greatly appreciated? ...... again nice meeting everyone .... ...


Thanks, Bud

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Thank's Lady..... I knew I could count on you.... I would really like to get it done before Sears..... along with the diet to put the car on .... Nick and Tim reccommended several items where I can lose some weight..... the biggest probally being my belly ....... but since that probally won't happen I'll have to concentrate on all those little pounds that add up to quite a bit when put together..... I did have my car scaled and found all 4 corners within 10 lbs.... that's good .... but being at 3408 isn't..... what I really need is to keep it cool though .... then I will slice away from there....I especcially need to cool down my oil temp, but need a place to get some airflow.... opening the front should accomplish both


Thanks again

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No problem Bud. I will snap some shots next week when I will have the car out at Thunderhill - wish me luck that my new tranny works!

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