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Infineon Entry list


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Team Robinson Motorsport is entered. Should be a good turn-out with all the NorCal guys coming. We will arrive Friday night and be camping there after our 12 hour, 600 mile trek!


Greg Robinson

CMC #12 Mustang

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Here's the current list:


Heldin / Graves

Don Trask

David Morin

Julie Bergman

Michael Plum

Ed Varon

Tim Bullock

Tony Guaglione

Erick Van Wagenen

Sam Stowell

Greg Robinson

Mike Donahoe

Alvaro Fernandez

Nick Steel


- Nick

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If your not on the above list I will be calling you this weekend,but if you are, I will see you at the track, and thanks in advance for signing up!


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To close to home to miss....


Fixed the ride.. It's better than ever.. Move Over Watch Out

See ya'll Friday Sat, And Sun





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Wow Greg, you are up to two posts on our board! It will be great to see you and the improved #60! Didya finally get rid of that extra 500lbs?

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