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Adding to the list of CMC cars for Texas!

Adam Ginsberg

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Last week, I brought home my new former-AS 85 Mustang GT, soon to be legalized for CMC racing. A 3923 mile round trip to pick it up in NH and bring it home to Texas.






It need some cleanup ( like removing a bunch of stickers!!! ), and some modest changes to be fully CMC legal. Looking forward to the 2-3 August event @ MSR!!!

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Cool! I notice that everyone here is being much kinder to you about your sponsor stickers than over in CC land!!


I'm working on making it down for your opener in August.


Where in Dallas are you?


I'll be staying at my brother's house in Flower Mound

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Tim - yeah, the cc.com crowd really enjoy beating me about those stickers. Certainly something to expect from those guys.


I need to clarify - those are the previous owners sponsors, not mine. Those pictures were taken the morning after I got home from our drive. AAMOF, I still haven't had a chance to do any work on the car - I've been travelling for company business, and will be for the next few weeks.


Please, let me know when your here - I live in Flower Mound as well!! I'm on the corner of Forest Vista and Garden Ridge, for reference. Be glad to meet up before the event if you have time.


Nick - I'm very excited about getting out on the track with this car. I drove it around the neighborhood ( much to my neighbors dismay ), and it is tight, very tight.

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Man, everytime I look at that car it just gets better looking. A real "road race warrior". You going to get any seat time prior to August? I'm in the same boat, car is too loud to road test around the neighborhood after making any changes! Can't wait to see you guys up at MSR! Think it's going to be HOT????

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Hey Mike - thanks! I agree, it's a tough-looking car. That's one of the reasons I was so drawn to it, even though it required a 4000 mile trip to get it!


Unfortunately, I will be unable to get any seat time before the August event. I'll be on the road for company business over the next several weeks, and it seems the tranny needs work. I want to make sure it's in tip-top shape for August so I don't run into a bunch of mechanical issues that weekend.


I have no doubt August will be typical Texas weather - an inferno! Time to start "hydrating".

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I spent the day cleaning up the race car. No more "septic" stickers, die yuppie scum, etc. Amazing what several hours and $45 will do:










And what a properly stocked garage should look like, pit crew and all:



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