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Locked Rear Ends?


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What would the advantages/disadvantages be of a spool vs a normal limited slip setup? We've dynoed several CMC cars and they all seem to have locked rears and some difficulty in turning in tight places. How does this translate out on the track? Do the tires wear faster?

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Seems to translate to whipping the pants of off folks with old style posis like myself. I have been seen laying down long strips of tire rubber from one wheel while my competitors, locked, enter and exit the turn more quickly without all that fuss. Yes, that does affect my tire wear. I know one racer who is running a posi that is worth its salt, I will keep that secret for him. I don't know of anyone who is running a spool, most locked rear ends have their spider gears welded. That makes our cars push, however, that seems to be easier to deal with than the one legged spin. The fully locked cars bark some in the parking lot, their drivers do not seem to mind this.


My lame posi's days are numbered................

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Three ways.

1)Open rear stock posi..good luck if you like a one legged rear end.

2) The cheaper way to lock up the rear..works well.

3) Buy a Torsen or Locker and be done with it..works great.


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