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The Missing Link...

Steve Graves1548534707

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Hey, Anybody out there know Mr. Littleton's E-Mail address? ( Nick, Where are you?? ). Thanx, Esse' #81...

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Nick has been running SCCA A Sedan nationals this year with the end goal of running the Runoffs, an annual shootout for all classes at Mid Ohio...so far Nick has been running out of area at Portland and Seattle with a great record of consistent second place finishes....this weekend he's running at Sears Point in a 3 day regional and national weekend...he's running against the fastest A sedan in the country, Richard Cichon, so this is a real benchmark race...if you're in the neighborhood stop by and say hi...his National race is 1:55 on Saturday and the regional is at 1:00 on Sunday....Nick's rival for last year's CMC title honors, and 2002 CMC Champion, Don Campbell is running his Speedvision Corvette in ITE and he races on Saturday at 12:40...he should destroy the 20 car field of Porsches, Corvettes, BMW's, Camaros and Mustangs....so that's a brief update of last year's CMC graduates (but I swear they would spend tons of $$ less and have more fun in CMC)...and don't forget, if you know someone who wants to get into CMC, I have three bulletproof cars for sale on the BB...

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