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Hi need help, where to start. Wanna run a CMC car.


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How did you guys start out? Can I afford the cost with out any sponors? How should I obtaine my competion licenise? Thanxs for the help.



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CMC car anywhere from 7k to 20k

NASA weekend $500-$800 (depending on tires)

Hiding reciepts for all this from your wife

"PRICLESS",........Kidding, my wife knows if I bought a hotdog at costco.


Buy a finished car if you want to race.

Build a car if you want to stand in your garage for 6 months to 2 years and watch everyone else have fun. (Also ask yourself "can I truley build something that can compete,.....and won't break").


From someone who watched for way too long building a car ,.....

seat time is what it's really about.

Don't worry about having the most beautiful/perfect car because that

doesn't matter when Nick, Greg or Tony pass your AI car in

the corners because of little to no seat time.

*Learn to drive well in the NASA school.

*Check to see whats avaiable as a decent turn-key CMC car.

*If you have your own car already call Tony and ask what the minimum modifications are to get your car safely on the track.

HP and fancy equipment won't help unless safety,driving skill and seat time become first priority.

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Very well spoken from a guy who has gone full circle!!



Charles I have emailed your earlier to call me.

I'm at 916 933-5750



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Hey Charles! If you want to be competetive, and you can't really until you spend a bunch of time ontrack on the specific track that the race is on, it's best to learn to drive the car you have now. How much track time do you have right now? If you've already got some time racing, cool. If not, get the feel of the track and increase your high speed skills at the HPDE level first.


Then enter the 2 day Driving Concepts Racing School. This will qualify you to apply for your regional NASA license and then you can get a CMC car ontrack and race it. Putting a car together is a royal pain ITA. Even with an AutoBody shop that I own and working at a full race shop on the side, with welding and cage making capability, it is difficult.


Read all the info on the NASA site, especially the "Help I'm new" stuff and all the HPDE info. Then get on track and save your race dollars. It's the best fun you can have and very rewarding. The CMC racers are awesome!


If you want to talk face to face, you can meet me in San Pedro or Culver City and see the car being built or talk further. See ya at Willow Springs?



Mike, (CMC Pontiac still in building/training!)

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Tony can help you along with transitioning into CMC and NASA licensing requirements. The advice posted above is spot-on; take it to heart. Building your own car is expensive but not that bad if you make good choices on parts and equipment. It boils down to what you REALLY need and in CMC that isn't that much. Read the rules and talk to others who have Mustangs for advice. We ran with tires that were too small and an old motor with no HP our first year and still had fun and learned a lot.


Everyone is friendly in CMC and is willing to help. Good luck.


Greg Robinson

CMC #12 Mustang

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email me your address and I'll send you a copy of a booklet on how to get started in CMC racing which covers basic car prep....though all these were gone but I found the masters and will run off a few more...only thing out of date is the prices (multiply by 2) and the rules...always read the rules, they'll answer 90% of your questions...and never build a car if you can afford to buy one...you'll be on the track that much quicker and having fun...and come to all the CMC races and get to know everyone...attend the drivers' meetings and learn.

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hey Charles -


I'm down in the SFV not too far from you. Drop me an email if you want to talk - [email protected] -


I built my car from scratch. it took about 6 months to put it together workingon it every night. By about mid way through my first season the car was decently competitive and I don't think it started to become a truly front running car till the begining of my second season (last year). I can help you out with the dos and don'ts of generally building a car, tho for the mustang specific stuff, I'll defer to the likes of Tony and Greg who both have first hand experience working on them.


- Nick


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On average, what needs to be replaced after each racing event? I am assuming tires, brake pads, rotors, brake fluid, and gas. Will tires make more than one weekend?



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Tires last at least half the season.

I went one entire season on a set.

Brake pads last me 3-4 weekends.Rotors get changed yearly.

Brake fluid gets a usual bleeding before every race,and changed at the end of the season.

This is really a cheap series to run as far as up keep goes.

Tony Guaglione

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My front brake pads have been lasting about two full weekends, but I've also run two "cheating bastard" friday practice days (where I ran five or six half hour sessions each time). The rears I've changed once so far because I thought they were too glazed to work, turned out it was a sticking caliper slider. I expect the rears to last the rest of the season by the look of them. I have a 3400lb Camaro, so I probably use more brakes then some of the lighter cars.


Its too early for me (first year) to say about tires. The rotors still look good after four full weekends and two practice days with me and who knows how many weekends when Tony owned it, so Tony's statement that they'll last all season sounds right. Gas wise I show up with 4 five gallon jugs and a full 15 gallon cell and usually have a jug or so left over. I bleed the brakes before every weekend, and I've been changing the oil every other weekend. That's it for regular maintenance other than checking around and making sure everything looks/feels right.


Of course all of this is right out the window if you break something, wreck, or go gopher hunting like I have.

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