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looking to rent a ride for reno


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Hi folks, I am looking to rent a ride for the upcoming reno event. For those of you that were at the last sears point event you may remember I had quite a bit of bad luck. Broken motor on friday, and backup motor bent a valve on sunday. I cannot complete a new motor before Reno, and missing the event will probably end my season. I am searching for an american iron legal car. Please email me privately if you have any ideas. [email protected]




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We've been renting cars for years in SCCA and currently have two cars avaialable for rent as SCCA ITE cars or NASA CMC cars. One is a 99% legal CMC class car, one is a 99% legal AI car, both are bulletproof and are guaranteed against mechanical failure (we use a rev limiter at 5200 and 6000 rpm respectively) and we've never had a mechanical failure in any of our rental Camaros in 12 years! Of course, if you do damage of a bodily fashion, etc to the car, you pay. The deal is once you rent the car, you are responsible for any damage you do, or any one does to you during the course of the race weekend from a dented fender to a complete total. The cost of a rental is based on 12% of the value of the car. So a weekend rental for the $15,000 CMC 4th gen is $1800 and the rental fee for the $20,000 AI is $2400. This includes everything but gas. Now here's something that's interesting. I've yet to rent a car to anyone for a NASA event. From the response of potential renters it's apparent to me that NASA is what SCCA was 30 years ago...cheap, well relatively. SCCA attracts affluent types (just check out the transporters in the pits) and NASA attracts the younger, less affluent types. Which is one of the strong points of NASA and CMC...you can get started in racing on almost a zero dollar budget and with CMC rules, once you get a well setup car, you aren't going to spend a lot more money maintaining it. But, in the meantime, if you want to see what all the fun is about, these are great fun rental rides and, of course, the rental price can be applied to the purchase price of the car! So rent the CMC Camaro for two race weekends and if you fall in love with the series (you will) you can buy the car and count the two weekend rental fees against the purchase price. If anyone is interested in rentals or rent-to-own, give me a call....Richard Pryor 831-622-9024.

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Vageli, I stopped by Ron's house on my way home to ask about the Camaro. He has run in HPDE with it, but it is far from being even a competitive CMC car, still has stock shocks, springs, and brakes. He said it was a bit of a handful when he ran at Sears Point, and he'd like to get it dialed in better before handing it off to somebody.


I would bug that guy with the white Mustang and a broken wing.


He can't handle a Yerf Dog and wants to race??

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Vageli, I have a legal CMC car and as the Cos puts it. I got beat by a go-cart. I'm out for the season. If you want to use the car call me. I even have some parts lying around to increase the hp/tqr.




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