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Ford helping Chevy?

Greg R.

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As a public service to my GM brothers...


It seems the Chevrolet IRL Gen IV V8 has been, shall we say, somewhat lacking this season. Admittedly, the GM camp states problems with cracked blocks, heads and bad bearings; not to mention poor performance. So what to do? GM decided to get engines from Ford Cosworth and rebadge them as Chevrolet's! Suddenly, Chevy driver Sam Hornish is back up front. It's nice to see Ford being the bigger person here and helping out Chevrolet.


As a Ford driver that sees a steady stream of bashing of the Blue Oval, I would never take pleasure in such a story. I just thought I would pass it along....


Greg Robinson

CMC #12 Mustang

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Just curious, but don't Chevy's ties with Cosworth go way back? As in 1976 (or so) Chevrolet Cosworth Vega?



And yeah, I find it quite interesting too...

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*cough* How about both those Jordan F1 cars, powered by Cosworth, loosing both engines in the Hungarian Grand Prix? *cough*



Tho I must say, Cosworth has a great and long history of building some great race engines, but then again, I'm English so I'm a bit biased



Montoya in '03!

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Hey Nick,


Rumor has it that you are selling the Camaro to move into a Mustang for next season...


I would love to see Montoya take the championship, by the way.



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Come on Nick, after you took that little spin in my Mustang...I knew the power was too much for you..so now your car is for sale..but a Ford next ??

Yeah right




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oh well..

at first I just thought ..Cosworth Chevy/Ford..Nick is giving up..

But knowing him..4-th gen F-body will be the car to beat next year..He drove my 4-th gen in SCCA Enduro and know how good they are. And if he could put the engine from his "daily driver" in a CMC car..


see ya at TH

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FWIW - my daily driver is:




I'll keep the daily driver as a street car. Its waaay too much fun to drive on the street to makeit into a race car at this time..


- N


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