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How does our schedule get set? The reason I'm asking is that for the November race, we'll be at Sears. AI/X, on the other hand, will be in Vegas.


Most of the time, I see us together on track, but how come this time we're not?

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Easy answer...no one wants to drive all the way to Vegas.

The weather could be a factor with possible rain,so the closer to home the better (for most of us)...Sorry Greg Robinson!

It would be around 10-11 hrs from N Cal, plus we try to divide the races 4-5 up North, and 3-4 down South.


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The drive to Vegas sucks. We did it last year and I dread it this year. I would much rather race at Sears Point, that means I stay in my own house.

Fortunately, I will be flying there directly from Cancun. I probably have to drive back though.

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