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Muffler delete Q

Ed Varon

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I like the idea of deleting the muffler but what do you think the impact will be on HP/Torque???


I'm thinking that it will cause some loss in power....


What do you guys think?

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I've been thinking of removing the muffler, and going with a setup similar to Borla's street system.


I'd cut off the muffler, and make a straight pipe out the back. At that joint, instead of welding it shut, I'd put a pair of header flanges. Between the flanges, you could add a restrictor plate (as similar to Borla) to add back pressure. Their system has 3 different sized openings, allowing for tone and backpressure. I assume we could see the same benefits.


You could also put a flange on your muffler (that you removed), to make an easy replacement if and when we run a track with sound restrictions.



All patent royalties are to be sent directly to me.

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