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2 drivers 1 car dilemma


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Hello All

My friend and I are seriously considering racing in 04, but we have more than a few questions. Firstly and most important is there a series where we can share a car, either in separate heats, or 2 classes where we can prepare 1 car and be competitive in 1 class, yet still enter the same car in another class on the same weekend? Understanding that we will not be overly competitive in the higher class. Any assistance that someone could provide would be very much appreciated, we are both looking forward to getting on a track again.

Many Thanks


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No problem.

CMC has Teams that are formed in the beginning of the year with the stated drivers names with each car.

So you can have two drivers and one car.

Also you said you want to run two different classes on the same weekend..I don't think you would want to or could do this due to schedule's of both classes and time in between races for car prep.

You could,but I just know it would not work.Stick to one class..like ours, and we will give you more track time than you would ever want.

Build one car,have two drivers and switch, one on Sat. one on Sunday,this works really well.

Tony Guaglione

CMC Chief Director

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