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Infineon...and BBQ

Tony G

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Its right around the corner, as our last points race will be on the 8/9th of November.

Bring your cars,your friends,your ideas,and what ever for next year..but don't bring lunch as the directors will have a CMC BBQ on Saturday for you all.

We are running with NASA on Saturday,and Track Masters on Sunday.

Probably will have FOUR races too, and one extra 2 lap race so I can kick Richards Camaro off the track.

If you need anything let me know.

See you there!

Tony Guaglione

916 933-5750

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Team ESSE' #81 will be there but without the car and we will miss first (and last) race of the year due to car prep not up to date..all this double duty (hpde/cmc) miles and Enduros finally catching up with us...And we are solid top 10 in points and now are thinking "T-hill 25-hrs" ..Any CMC driver interested in doing that race..please E-mail me..ASAP

Otherwise..see you guys there ..and yes..will bring driving gear just in case someone lets me drive their car..


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Maybe I am a time warp or maybe it is the rest of you, but there is no race on November 8/9th at Infineon.


NASA lost that date sometime ago. It is now Nov 22/23rd.



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Ok, I just checked the web site and apparently Nov 8/9ths is for CMC only. And everyone else is moved to Nov22/23.


How did we afford to rent the track all by ourselves?



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We are very special,and get our special weekend on the 8/9th.

We are NOT running on the 22nd,which is the weekend before Thanksgiving which would have not worked out for those who are going out of town.

Sat. we are sharing(not on the track at the same time) with the Legends cars, Sunday with Track Masters.

Hey are you coming??

I heard you are in Vegas?


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The 22/23rd woulda worked. I am afraid the moving van will be here the week of the 8/9.


So I will Zee ya guys and gals at California Speedway next March.


Hopefully by then I will be settled in and ready to go racing.



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