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Al F.

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So I've been having issues the last two weekends with intermittent soft brakes. They always come back, and I've bled them to death so I'm ruling out bad fluid, and overheating. I had swapped rear axles, so I was thinking it could be axle end play (like Scott had earlier this year), but a dial indicator gauge tells me one axle is at about .027 and the other side about .029. The rear end I had before measures .022 on both sides. Is this enough to cause my intermittent soft pedal? I thought end play could go as high as .05 before it cause problems. Maybe I need to measure the suspect axle again.


Anyway, in searching for other causes, I replaced the rear caliper slide bolts since the old ones looked bad and felt pretty sticky. Any ideas as to what else it could be??

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Hi AL. Something that I have run into in the past. How close is your exhaust to your brake lines, or is the exhaust exiting near your rear axle? This will cause you to have good brakes when you start a race, but will feel like MODEL A brakes by the end. Hope this helps keep you from the gophers.

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