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Infineon Update

Tony G

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Fellow CMC racers:


Here is the latest news for this weekend.

There will be no timing equipment, but this should make it super fun and interesting.

Standing starts,and a rolling one too.

Following times are estimates.


Saturday: To be with NASA


Practice session approximately 8,9 and 10 am.

Race 1 - Approx. 12:30 pm to be grid by top points leader

followed by second, third etc.

Lunch..Tony kicks Richards ass in a two lap shoot out!

Race 2 - Approx. 4pm, inverted grid from 1st race results.


Sunday: With Track Masters

These are the for sure times as follows:

Practice Session at 8:45am

Race 1 - 11:30 To be grid by picking numbers out of a hat.

Race 2 - 2:40 PM To be grid by inverting from the first race results.

Don Campbell hands over John Force 1st place Award to ???


*Saturday BBQ may be canceled due to rain, but we still will have food and drinks, and this will be a mandatory year end meeting with disciussion of 2004 events/rules/etc.

We have 25 entries so far.


I will update ASAP!

*Updated 10/7/03 1:15 pm

Tony Guaglione

CMC Chief Director

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Hi Tony. My teammate and I were planning on going to Infineon on saturday, and would we be able to attend your meeting to meet some of the other racers? We will probably be there for most of the day, depending on what's going on. Thanks!

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YES, please come out and attend our meeting, it would be great to see you, and you could check out all the cars too.

Come over to my trailer and car, CMC # 55 1995 Mustang Gt.



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OK, Tony, I've decided to give you a break and let you think your Mustang is faster than my Camaro until the next CMC season opener at Sears Point...this gives you the whole off season to try and make that Ford sled faster.....I won't be at Sears Point this weekend...I just don't race in wet conditions and according to the pilots' advisory, Sears is going to be wet for the next three days...so, have fun and I'll see you when the racing weather is sunny and dry....for those who were going to pick up free brakes, springs etc from me at Sears, just give me a call and I'll UPS them to you....and don't forget...if you know anyone planning to join the CMC group and and they need a car to rent or buy...we'll build a 4th gen Camaro or Firebird that is guaranteed to beat Tony's Mustang, or it's FREE! ...have fun at Sears...Richard

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If you build me a Camaro and I don't beat my Mustang with it, does this mean I get it free...great start building it...

You lose the bet,and its not going to rain that much, but I can understand that your getting cold feet(I would too), and its a good excuse to not get beat in front of everyone in our race.

Still think you should show up rain or shine!


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Sorry, Tonly, I stopped enjoying rain weekends back in the '70's...not even the pleasure of creaming your Mustang could offset the lack of comfort and enjoyment a rainy weekend brings (I'm just too old and race jaded to enjoy the rain).....hey, even you could beat your Mustang in a Camaro...matter of fact, put up the $14,500 for a brand "new" CMC 4th gen Camaro race car and give it an honest run against your Mustang back to back and if you aren't at least half a second a lap faster, then the car is yours....keep dreaming of a Mustang victory over the winter, but to be realistic classify that dream with sugarplum fairies as any of our Camaros will win...first sunny race weekend available....any chance of a CMC race at Laguna next year?...and since I've deprived everyone of the pure entertainment of our shootout this weekend, buy eveyone a round of margaritas on me...rp

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It was going to rain today,but it was totally Sunny...Hmmmm.

Maybe it will be better than everyone thought,don't count it out quite yet!

Everytime I have gone to a rain out, it was just a blast, and I expect the same for this weekend.

See you there..except Richard..Chicken!


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Bwakkk, Bwakkk....call it what you want but I'm just a fair weather racer...you can all dream on...Nick thinking his antiquated 3rd gen has a chance against a 4th gen (ask him what he's racing next year if he sells his current sled...bet it's a 4th gen)...and Tony, you should know the reason my Camaro will beat your Mustang when we finally race together is cuz it doesn't have windshield wipers or defroster which makes it much faster...seriously..have fun and don't melt in the rain...richard

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