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the 25 Hours of T-Hill...

Steve Graves1548534707

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#81 will be entering the 25 Hours of T-Hill on December 6-7. We're waiting on a rebuild of our WC-T5, so unfortunately will miss out on the fun at Sears Point. But we Will be there to see this Tony/Richard thang come to a head. We're hoping to have all CMC drivers on the team. (Yeah, it'd even be nice to have a blue-ovaler on board). Greg. A few people have expressed interest in joining us, and requested some more info. Here's what's basically going on: Replacing WC-T5, power steering pump, steering half-shaft, power steering gear-box, clutch cylinder, front and rear sway-arm bushings, ss braided fuel-lines, rear axle bearings, and any-and-everything that looks even slightly suspect. We're switching to Royal Purple on all our lubricants. The '92 roller-cam engine has been wonderful all year (I'm Retorqueing the heads this afternoon), we just put in a new clutch about 3 months ago, and we have a set of 3/4 tread Toyo's. Check out the NASA site on the 25, it's pretty cool. Lots of info. We'll be running in ES (unlimited) because of the fuel and tire restrictions placed on all other classes. (only 10 gals. and 1 tire per stop). So we'll be able to use Per's Gas-Station Pump. We can run 1hr. 10 mins. per tank, and run double-stints behind the wheel. We have our Crew-Chief Dean, and 2 knowledgable crew members lined up so far, and were hoping to get Al to drive with us so we could snag the 2 crew-members he brought to Willow Springs for the 3-Hour Enduro there last April. Come on Al, step up to the plate again. The 2 crew-members we have are Kevin and Dave, the 2 guys building a CMC Camaro 3rd Gen who were walking around all weekend at B-Willow, taking notes and asking questions. Said they were looking for an excuse to go up to the LONG RACE. Enduros are what got them into CMC. As far as finances are concerned, here's a rough breakdown. We believe with a little help, we should be able to run the Race fairly economically. It's $250 for each of the drivers entry fee, about $200 each for fuel (approx. 750 laps @ 2 laps per gallon), ((Dang, that's 2,250 miles, like racing from here to Chicago)), $500 towards rubber, $150 towards front brake-pads. About $1100 total. Maybe $1200. And that's with everyone bringing spares, and back-ups. Speaking of which, the only thing we're really lacking spare-wise is a Rear-Diff. Anyone have a spare sitting around that we could grab at Sears? Oh yeah, Wheels too. Anyone have a set of 4 fronts they could bear to part with for a month or so? And Tony, I almost forgot, We need a new CMC windshield banner. We want to fly our flag for this United States Air Force sponsored Event! Wish us luck, and we'll see Y'all this weekend. Esse' #81...

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Just hooked up the 440 watts of headlights lastnite. 4 Highbeams in all the stock locations, and 4 clear fogs in the lower front grill openings. They worked really well for the 3-Hour at W-Springs. Each lite is on it's own ground-wire and 2 lites on each hot circuit. Also pulled the 160 Amp Enduro alternator as it has a little bearing sqeal going on. Will take it down to Slo-town tommorrow and have it fixed. Esse' #81...

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