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NASA Texas CMC/AI 1st Annual Meeting Announced!

Adam Ginsberg

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WHAT: 1st Annual Texas AI/CMC Meeting

WHEN: Saturday 11/15 @ 6:30-9:30 PM

WHERE: Cafe Eccell - College Station, Texas ( http://tinyurl.com/ueba )

WHO: Current or future NASA AI/CMC racers, followers, wannabees and significant others are invited

WHY: Eat, drink and discuss the 2004 NASA racing season (rules, schedule, points, race format, car prep, etc.) Meet up with your fellow racers!!!


Please RSVP to either Adam Ginsberg or myself ASAP so that we can get an idea of how many folks will be attending. Feel free to suggest agenda items you would like to discuss at the meeting. For those not attending, agenda highlights from the meeting will be distributed afterwards.


Todd Covini

NASA Texas

AI & CMC Director


713-758-5249 days

713-252-3465 cell


Adam Ginsberg

NASA Texas

AI & CMC Assistant Director

214.529.0067 - mobile

972.539.6240 - home

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Our dinner went very well - there were 12 current/potential racers in attendance, as well as the NASA Texas Regional Directors for a total of 20 people.


Todd is working on a re-cap ( right Todd?? ), which get posted soon.


Looking forward to seeing everyone in the 2004 season!!

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