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Race reports?


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Where've they been? I hated getting a Grassroots Motorsprts without a CMC update. TheRaceSite.com is missing them too.


Anybody mind if I make up my own - with me winning every race (even the ones I didn't get to), and Al being chased across California to Hawaii by P.E.T.A?


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P.E.T.A. hmmm People Eating Tasty Animals? Why would they have a beef with me, I eat all sorts of critters.


I'm sure Greg and Tony will put together a nice report of this weekend. They have plenty of things to write about. There were a few spins (yes, me included...but I kept it on the track), some really good duels, lots of changing conditions (including it starting to rain during our race) and Ed Varon's well deserved first win. It was an awesome weekend.

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Someone be sure to ask Tony to send the report to the folks running www.theracesite.com. Thats all I had to do to get them to publish our August event. Same with GRM, although they abbreviated ours. Not that I'm complaining - we still got ink in a national magazine.


Sounds like the weekend was a blast - I'm looking forward to seeing the official write up!

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Sorry guys for the delay. We are working on the Buttonwillow report after a bit of a delay with the San Diego fires. I was MIA for a week. Stay tuned...


The Infineon report is in the works and Al is right, there was a lot of action. Suffice it to say it was a great end to the season--even with the rain!


Greg Robinson

CMC #12 Mustang

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