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Need all TOYO Tire receipts

Tony G

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I have the following that have turned in tire receipts so far.


Don Trask

Tim Bullock

Per Helldin


Greg Robinson

Mike Plum

Al Fernandez

Come on people,don't you like money??


Send receipts to:

Hi Line Motorsports

601 Riley St

Folsom,Ca 95630

Or fax to 916 933-8818



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I'll probably be buying at least 1 set within the next week or so, possibly 2. It won't be too late to turn in those reciepts, will it Tony?. Esse' #81...

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I bought a set in Feb, but I sure don't imagine I kept the receipt. I bought them from AIM, don't they keep them. Or is AIM not our supplier any longer?



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Perry, Yes AIM continues to provide Toyos.


All, I had the opportunity to talk to Ron at AIM on Saturday. I asked him about availability of our tires and he said they will soon become available and that no shortage is expected next year. He went on to say that this year's tire shortage was caused by a kevlar shortage as a result of the goverment buying up all the kevlar for bullet proof vest. Hoosier is now also using kevlar in their tires so there is more demand for the raw materials. I would speculate that this kevlar shortage is one of the factors driving up the price of these tires.



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Perry -Yeah, AIM can trakc that receipt down. They did that for me for one of my receipts this year.



Also -


I had a talk with Ron @ AIM last week as well. According to what Toyo has told Ron, there is *NO* price increase for the Toyos for next year. Prices for our tires will remain the same as '03.


- NIck

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This is who is getting the cash back:











No one else has turned in the receipts to me.

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Can you tell me how many you bought, as I need a total count.

Anyone else out there that turned them into to Ryan or someone else, please let me know.




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