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Disc brakes


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Hey WC 3rd gen drivers. My '86 Camaro has rear drums and no posi--what is my cheapest option for getting discs and posi??


My East Coast competion all have rear discs and posi and I'm being out-braked and all the way around the last half of a turn I'm spinning the right rear, which obviously doesn't do much for acceleration.


Cost is an issue.






p.s. That is my yellow/black Camaro on the www.cmceast.com web site. I'm the webmaster so I can shamelessly pimp my own car, no?. You'll notice a strong similarity to one of your west coast cars. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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Hey Camaroman! I suggest you look for an '89 or later third gen rear. '89 is the year GM made the rear brakes bigger. Your best options there are the Aussie 9 bolt, which has a best stock gear ratio of 3.45, or the G92 10 bolt (look for 3.42 gears in that one) in 90-92 performance f-bods. If you get these rears off of the performance versions of our cars, the Z28s or Formula/Trans-Ams, you will not need to get some disc brakes for them from GM or the aftermarket. These are pretty easy to get if you do need them.


As for posis, the ones on these rear ends really suck and will not last very long. Most folks with the 9 bolt weld up their spider gears and call that a "locked" rear end. Parts are very hard to find for these and there is one place I know that sells 3.73s and other gear ratios for these for an arm and a leg. I suggest going the G92 10 bolt route because the carrier is the same as 4th gen f-bods and you can use a Zexel Torsen T2R road race posi with it (the cat's meow, nice unit). In a pinch you could use a 4th gen f-bod rear, however, you will have to use 4th gen wheels on the back because of the different offset. I did this for a while, it is not terrible and probably your best $ option as the 4th gen rears are plentiful. It will not be easy to find a G92 rear. Try your boneyards and f-body websites like http://www.thirdgen.org


Good luck!

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We're new to this, and just got a posi/disc brake rear end for our '83, but...


We have a fair amount of experience racing stock cars, and Saturday night racers are notoriously cheap. There may be some "spools" that will work on these rear ends, there's a lot of these things floating around among the stock car folks. It's really tough trying to push the car around the track or drive way with a locked rear end. You might try going to STICKSHIFTTRANS.com and ask Russ if he can come up with some options for a spool. He's the guy at our local short track, and may be able to help out. I do know he didn't have a very high opinion of our Borg-Warner t-5 when we were talking to him about it over the weekend.


We're not sure how this turning right thing is going to work, not to mention the whole shifting thing. We just put it in gear, mash the gas and turn left. The while rubbin's racin' deal comes up a lot, too. Oh, well. We're trying to make the car so pretty, we won't want to bash fenders.

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