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CMC part of American Iron


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I just heard that CMC now is "officially" part of the AI series..

I know we talked about it at Sears but would have been nice to know official decision been made on this board first.

However hope this will hope this will help CMC too and not just be an effort to get bigger fields in American Iron.

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Guys, before anyone goes balistic..here are the reasons:

We did talk about CMC, A/I and AIX all being under the "American Iron Series"

NOTHING changes here, rest assured.

The pluses are a total count of cars in the series when you may want to go to a sponsor and provide a car count of 40 plus cars.

Advertising in all the magazines will now include CMC in the "American Iron Series".

CMC is still its own internal group and will be run no different than it ever has.

Did we "need" this..No, but I am in favor of it to back NASA, its official's and its corporate decision.

There is no other series in the country like ours..and we should be damn proud of it.

We have so many new people joining us this next year that I am going to have a drivers training and licensing program sometime in January.

Thank you all for the incredible support, as you can see, we are the leaders and many would love to have what we accomplished this past year!

Now get ready for 25+ car CMC fields this next year.


Tony Guaglione

CMC Chief Director

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Hey Tony...what is the thinking with regards to names? I mean...it just sounds weird to have the series name and one of the classes within that series being the same. That's like American LeMans having a class called ALMS, or Grand Am having a class named GA. Plus, it diverts focus towards one group and away from others. If you ask me (and you didn't ) it'd sound/look better if we were to change a couple of names.

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