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25hrs of Thunderhill...


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Hey guys -


For all of us running the 25hrs this weekend, anyone up for a dinner on Friday night? I'm flying up on Friday morning, I should be at the track by 11:30'ish or so.


- Nick

(Mini Pilot)

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The CYTOMAX team -97 ES -97 Camaro driven by CMC drivers Stowell/Helldin/Campbell/Almeida/Wilson(AI)/Sturgeon(AI)

finished 19th overall and proved a Chevy V8 can handle 25 hours and 1700miles without missing a beat.


Nick and the Mini was a fast but had some issues with broken axles and an accident Sunday morning took them out of the race.


Team ESSE did unfortunately not make it up to Thunderhill.

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Congrats to the Cytomax team! It must feel good to have just finished an event like that! I have been up there plenty in that kinda weather, it is not fun when it starts blowing and raining.

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Yeah, it was a heck of a race. Congrats to Cytomax for making it through!


The Mini was quick. We were in the lead at 6pm on Saturday and were still leading at 11pm when some contact damaged a half shaft and we had to pit a lap later to replace it. We wenta bout 20 laps down but clawed our way back up to 10 laps out from 1st. An errant Honda took us out at about 7:30am with some severe left rear suspension damage.


OVerall, it was a GREAT weekend and something I'd definintely do again. I posted some pics at http://para.noid.org/mini for anyone who's intersested..


- Nick

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Hello everyone. I wanted to thank Sam Stowell for building a great 4th gen Camaro. It had brand new everything and performed perfectly for 25 hours! We had an alternator bracket bolt break which cost us 30 minutes to fix. The only other minor problem was replacing a left rear rotor and pad. We were as high as 8th place overall and finished 19th overall out of 73 cars, sixth place in class.


We were the only American made car in the field. It rained for the first 8 hours and then gradually dried up. We lost a lot of places in the rain to the little RX7's and Miatas with their less horsepower and smaller tires.


Nick- sorry to see your bad luck. That 270 hp supercharged Mini was sweet!


Erick Van Wagenen drove a Miata with the NASA barbecue people. They finished all 25 hours, too.


Thanks to everyone on the team. Competing in the longest road race in the world was an awesome experience.


Don Campbell

[email protected]


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