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The tire for CMC is...

Tony G

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Immediate release:

We are staying with the Toyos for 2004.

There will be NO tire price increase this year.

Reasons are that too many of us have new Toyo's sitting around and if we ever made a change like this, it would only be fair to give you at least 6 months notice on any possible change.

I will talk more about this at the track with you all, but we all know how awesome the Toyos have been, and like they say "if it ain't broke don't fix it"!

We may be putting a mass order together again,so stay tuned if your in need for any tires.


Tony Guaglione

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Hey Tony, after recovering from sticker shock on the tires, any more word on a mass order? If so, any idea of the price? I'm hoping to get the tires in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks-Kevin Hall

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I will work on it tomorrow.Still think Kumho is the way to go..$128 each...and they are lasting so far.We will see for next year...or maybe sooner..


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