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2004 Schedule posted

Tony G

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This is the 2004 CMC Schedule that we all came up with after many hours of contemplation.

Always subject to change.



Four up North, Four Down South.



Feb. 7-8 Infineon Test/No points/Licensing and training day (have had lots of interest)!!

Many new racers coming to join in the fun this coming year.


#1 March 6-7 Cal Speedway


#2 April 3-4 Buttonwillow


#3 May 1-2 Thunderhill


#4 June 5/6 Buttonwillow


#5 July 10/11 Willow Springs


#6 Sept 11/12 Infineon


#7 Oct 23/24 Infineon


#8 Nov 13/14 Thunderhill

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I like it except Willow in July! Bring some eggs to fry on your car! Other than that I like the schedule and should be able to make most of the events! I will be celebrating my June birthday in Buttonwillow! Thanks for all your work on this Tony and all!

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Yeah Jules, that Willow date will be hot - but then again, we have 7 months to save up for cool suits...



You folks don't know from hot. When we raced last August, it was 103^, with ~90% humidity. Now that's hot!


CA heat is a cinch. Come to Texas for a race sometime, especially in August. You'll head back to CA begging for mercy!

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LOL Adam, I know, I have relatives in San Antonio. At the end of my first summer visit with them I figured showering was pointless with your clothes stuck to you five minutes after walking outside!

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