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13" to 12" brake convertion

David Algozine

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I need to convert my Cobra 13" front brakes on my 95 Mustang to 12". I have been told to have 13" rotors cut down and redrill the holes on the caliper bracket. I'm not sure how / where to redrill the brackets. It seems to me I would end up with a large slot, instead of a hole. Does anyone have any photos they can send me or detailed info? Pitures would be very helpful.



Dave Algozine OH/IN Chapter

[email protected]

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Does this mean you have the car now?!?!?


I'm planning on buying my wife a digital camera for Christmas - If no one posts before then, I'll take a pic and put it up

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I have done this several times.

Take off a 1/2 inch off the rotors.

Take the brackets and drill and tap a hole 1/2 inch towards the rotor,before you do this you must remove the material (approx 1/8th of an inch) to make it flat before drilling the hole),then use a 1/8 spacer plate with two holes drilled in it to space the bracket,the plate is used for the material you removed before drilling and tapping the hole.

Want to talk more, call me at 916 933-5750

Tony Guaglione

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Yes, I got the car last week, so I'd like to get started on the work right after the Holidays. I'm using a friends garage, so I'll need to work around his schedule, as well. If you can send photos, I would really appreciate it.



Thanks for the details. I'm pretty sure I understand now, but looking forward to Tim sending some photos.


Thanks for your help


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