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Any Midwest drivers ?

David Algozine

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I plan on running a limited CMC schedule next season with the IN/OH chapter. This will be my first door to door racing. I'm pretty excited and looking forward for the season to begin. I'll be working on my 95 Mustang this winter. I've met and spoke with Tim Laplante the IN/OH CMC Director. I very good guy and a tough driver. We ran a couple HPDE sessions together last year, and I've watched him race, as well.


Are there any other drivers out there planning to run CMC with the IN/OH group?


See ya


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Boy, guess everyone is too busy building their cars to be surfin...


The other drivers I am aware of that have expressed interest in running with us next year are:


Matt Erickson -> you need to put some more pressure on him so we can get him running with us early this year


Kurt Borton -> he's Gene Borton's son - Kurt crews for his dad, who has a sweet AIX Mustang that Kurt helped him build


Gary Houseman and Dean Hills -> IIRC Dean lives right next to BeaveRun and Gary got bit by the racing bug when he took his '03 Cobra to an open track event


There are a number of new East Coast and South East drivers who will be joining us at the Nashville event

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I was beginning to think that no one else was out there.


Good to hear from you Tim. I'll have several more questions for you in about two weeks.

I'm going through track withdrawals. Looking forward to testing as soon as the weather breaks, although, I still have a fair amount of work on my car.



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