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Approximate Cost per Race?

Scott A

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Hello Everyone,

I had a few questions if someone could please answer them for me. What does a typical race weekend cost to run? I know entry is around what, $300-$400. How much gas do you typically go through, is it race gas? Just a guess but is around $1000 a weekend sound right after travel expense, food, entry, lodging, etc etc.

I've grown up racing go-karts but now my father and I are looking at maybe going to something else. Competitive karting is getting more and more expensive and I'm hoping that something like this series wouldn't be too much of a leap in cost to run a season. I have a good idead of the inital cost to get a car ready, so I'm just trying to fill in the blanks. Any information or advice would be greatful. Thanks Everyone.


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Figure your usage costs to be fuel, tires, and brakes.


Fuel - ~5 gallons per track session (practice/Qual/Race) so 3 x 5 gallons per day, x 2 days per weekend (or additional if you go to 'cheating bastard Fridays). At a minimum: 2 days, 3 sessions perday, 5 gal each = 30 gallons. Most guys use pump premium, race gas isn't needed unless you're detonating for some reason, so figure $60 per weekend at $2.00 per gallon. 100 octane race gas is $5.00/gal at the track.


Tires - Of course you're driving style will affect your tire wear, but generally you'll only need one set all year (unless you want a rain set too). Figure $800 per set, divided by 8 weekends = $100 per weekend.


Brakes - I just changed brake systems, so I'm not too sure about my usage for the coming year, but I'm estimating 3-4 weekend for front pads, so 3 sets a year at $150, and one rear set at $100 per year. So $550 over 8 weekends is about $70 per weekend. Rotors will typically last a year, but again, it depends on your driving style.


Others - Figure an oil change every other weekend, brake bleeding every weekend, and stuff like glass cleaner too. Figure in your yearly dyno run too. Maybe another $20 per weekend there.


Fuel - $60

Tires - $100

Brakes - $70 (not counting rotors)

Other = $20


Consumables = $250 per weekend


Then (as you stated) you've got travel expenses (gas to and from), hotels, food, etc.). Most races I've been to, the hotels have been from $50-$90 per night. Of course, camping at the track is free, but uncomfortable if you bring your wife like I do.


And, stuff will break and you'll want to buy other new stuff for the car. But those dollars are harder to estimate.


This is going to be my second year, and first full year, but these are the numbers I'm using. Someone else may have more input as well...

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Correct me if I am wrong (cannot locate a set of rules at the moment, online 2003 rules are not working)- I am under the impression we are by rule using 91 octane or less regular pump gas for CMC.

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I can't find anything about it in the rules Julie. I was running 100 at CA Speedway last year, and will probably do the same this year - unless I can get my knocking condition under control that is...

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and don't forget:


cool looking necker's knob from J.C. Whitney - 9.95


chroming of all suspension parts - 495.00


boy to keep them clean - 10.00 per hour


if your name is Michael Jackson - 1.5 million in lawsuits


equal amount of money expended on race car for your wife to spend on really unimportant stuff like the kids' braces and education- $10,000


bribe to the Dyno guy to record the numbers off your street ride so the 347 stoker motor won't be noticed - $100


347 stroker motor - $4500


aluminum flywheel - $450


rusty cast iron paint for flywheel - $5


tire softener for Toyos - $50


or cheaper, toyo decals to go over Goodyears - $5


nitro additives to gas - $125


personal cologne to match nitro/gas mixture small so everyone just thinks you have no sense in scents - $5 for eau de K-mart


tow vehicle and trailer maintenance - $500


cool team t shirts - $125


hot girl friend to wear cool t shirt - $10,000


mad wife who finds out about cool girlfriend - half your ass and assetts


so beware of the hidden costs...there is nothing so expensive as cheap racing.

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And believe me, Richard is speaking from experience, which all of the above has actually been done or has happened...to him..

I thought 347's were legal


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