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Rules for 2004

Tony G

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They are almost done and are being checked by NASA right now.

There are very FEW changes,but...

Since we are so late with them here are two changes that I tought you would like to know about right now.

Batteries can be re-located where you want as long as they are mounted safely ( check the rules/CCR),and we are opening up the gear ratios in the transmissions (T-5's can now put in a good 5th gear, like the factory 4th Gen Camaros already have).

Anyway, those are the only changes that can affect you that I see and wanted to give you a heads up.

As usual you do not have to change anything if you don't want to.


Tony Guaglione

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Summit and Jeg's have battery relocation kits, any opinions and recommendations on those? Where would we source out a fifth gear if we decide to do that? Thanks.

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I can get a deal on the 5th gears if anyone is interested.

Approx $140.

Install in my car was $80..or I should say will be.

Summit kit is fine, but read the CCR's to make sure.

Battery will have to be hard mounted and covered with a battery box like in the kits for $40.


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Regarding moving batteries, a friend turned me on to a nifty idea: bulkhead connectors (aka through panel connectors). Both Jegs and Summit carry these for about $10. If you don't use one of these, make sure you use a properly sized and installed grommet. Shorted batteries do interesting things...

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Nifty idea about the bulkhead conntectors (gee, wish I'd thought of that).


CCR is pretty strange on the relo boxes. I guess they're changing the rules for in car batteries too.


Wet batteries need to be fully enclosed and vented to the outside, dry cells and gels in marine type boxes (which is what the Summitt and Jegs parts are, correct?).


So, I'm assuming that if I get one of these relo packages, I need to get a dry or gel cell battery too, hmmm?

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