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How is your racecar coming?


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Happy holidays everyone!


Well, the cage is almost done, and the UPS man brings new toys to my door almost daily. And boy, is it fun getting my pig of a Z28 down to race weight.


So, where do I get stickers, log book, number assignment, etc? Got to get ready for Nashville!



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Cary - you can get your NASA stickers and log book at the track. You can get a windshield banner from here ... www.fordpower.net/xcart/ and just click on the NASA link. They cost $15/ea. and that includes shipping!


You can request your number when you register - #7 is taken


I too am looking forward to Nashville - right now it is snowing

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C'mon Tim, fordpower? Isn't that an oxymoron, kinda like Government Intelligence?


Thanks for the link. Looks like I can get my graphics buddy to make those. No problem.


Is there a list somewhere of numbers that are used? I don't want to show up with a shiny new racecar and have to duct tape numbers on the door. I've always been #3 or #03, anybody using them?


Sorry to hear about the snow. Yesterday it was 80* here



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Cary - I'd suggest buying the stickers from the site I put above ... anything FORD related will help your car run better


Just for you, I'm going to put a large Ford Oval on the back of my car to help you see that FordPower is in front of you; I'll make it as large as I can so it will be easier to see as you are fading into the distance


Check with Lawrence Mansier - [email protected] to see what numbers are taken for the Nashville event


I sure hope it warms up here, or all of my smack talk will be in vain - it's way too cold to work on the car right now... I miss California

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