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2004 rules are up


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A few questions came about regarding the new rules:


1. Bullitt motors. Basically, it's a 4.6L GT motor with a better intake. Section 4 states all 79-95 5.0L Mustangs, and 96-03 4.6L cars are legal, except for the Cobra. Nothing about the Bullitt, or Bullitt parts.


2. 9" bearing ends for an 8.8.


Folks are inquiring about using a Bullitt motor, or even a Mach1. My initial reaction was the Bullitt motors aren't legal, nor is the Mach1 ( is a DOHC similar to the Cobra, just not rated as high ). The Bullitt motor is only rated 5-10hp more then a standard GT.


Which brings up another point - the '99-current GT motors are now rated @ 260HP. Thats ~35hp more then a stock 5.0L motor. Given the weights, a new Mustang could outrun a 5.0L or early 4.6L car. Anyone else notice this?


At first glance, my initial reaction to the 9" bearing ends is they are legal, as long as the resulting rear brake/axle/width setup meets the rules as well.


Tony/Nick, can you guys comment on these items?

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Brian that is the correct number as you pointed out. Just a typo.


Adam, we'll look into the Bullit, Mach 1 engine situation. I see some potential for interesting parts swaps!


Greg Robinson

CMC #12 Mustang

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The Mach 1 should clearly not be legal, it's a Cobra engine more or less (more). A Mach 1 actualy makes more power and much more torque than any Cobra except the 2003/2004.

Dyno a Bullitt, most of the power over a standard GT is from the exhaust, but give it an extra 50 lbs or something.



Adam, here's your 9" axle end rule. It's always been in there.\


8.32.3. Any commercially available replacement type steel or alloy steel axles may be used. Full floater axles are prohibited. Heavy-duty non-â€C" Clip style axle ends are allowed and recommended. Competitors should carefully select axle ends. Many of the "C" clip eliminator axle ends are designed for street or drag strip use only and cannot withstand the side loads associated with road racing.

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The intake on a Bullitt is actually a Cobra intake. Hence, according to rule 8f.13.1. it is prohibited ("...Cobra 4.6 liter, Cobra 5.0 liter, and Cobra R model engines (Ford) and SS/LS1 (GM/Chevrolet) engines or engine components are prohibited.)

BTW, if anyone is interested, I have a sweet Bullitt for sale.

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A Bullitt intake is not a Cobra intake. It is different than the standard GT, but the only commonality with the Cobra intake is that it allows air to enter the engine.

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Very good questions...better answers.

No Mach 1 allowed.

No Bullit allowed.

99 stock Gt and up 4.6L do have more power, but will still Dyno at 230 or less..I've tried it. Now just try keeping the modular alive..that's a whole other thing.


Good questions guys!

Tony Guaglione

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  • 2 months later...

You can use upper control arms of your choice,but they cannot be adjustable.

Ball joints : I use stock replacements..are you talking about the steeda ones?


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You cannot use the Steeda ones since they have a different height on them,but better yet use the stock ball joints and use a bumpsteer kit.

This way you can adjust your steering geometry to perfection, and you would not need the balljoints anymore.

Thanks for asking, better to ask first then to guess and get the big DQ because you were not sure.

Remember there are no stupid questions!

Carry on.


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