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Al F.

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So it appears I've been able to resist that unexplicable pull that Houston has over all petroleum company employees for at least a little while longer, meaning we're not moving as was the rumor. I'll be here in Cali to race with all of you once again this year. I'll see those of you making it to Sears on Feb. 7th! (but not the 8th, because of a business trip...to Houston! )

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Excellent news, we are all glad you are staying,and besides I know you would not want to take 5 showers a day in that Texas humidity...


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Houston isn't such a bad place after all!!!

I've been silent on this BB way too long...but now it's time.


I unloaded the 'ol CMC stang off the trailer last weekend...and we're gearing up for our March event.


Al, when the petroleum gods scoop you up (notice I didn't say "if", I said when) we'll have a full grid of AI & CMC cars here waiting for you!!!


I'll keep the motors runnin' for you....


-=- Todd Covini

NASA Texas

AI/CMC Director

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My buddy just sold a house on an acre in a gated community with a pool and 6000 feet of living space with a House Beautiful set of builtins for $695,000. (Off Beltway 8 in the NW).


Try and get that done in Kalifornia.


Of course the sad part is he paid $650,000 for the house 8 years ago. If he had done that in Kali, the house woulda sold for $3,000,000. and he could have retired.



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Thanks everyone. I am SO excited about racing this year. Its going to be the best season ever.


Todd...I know Houston isn't that bad, and that eventually I'll move there. Believe me, when I do, I'll be out there racing with you guys!


Perry...if your buddy had had that place in Kalifornia... he'd STILL have it! The sale would be blocked because he didn't get a proper permit for those builtins and the county refuses to issue them now, and he is being sued by the state for back owed property taxes missing because the house wasn't properly re-assessed when the builtins were installed, AND because of the multiple lawsuits from the gated community management board for infractions such as leaving his garage door open, excessive noise from the race car exhaust, and storage of a commercial vehicle (his pickup) on the premises.

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