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Just picked up a 93 4th Gen for a possible CMC build.

David Borden1548534711

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Heres some pics of the new 4th Gen Camaro Project car I just picked up.




93 LT1

93K miles.

6 speed


6 point cage

Fiberglass hood and Stock hood



Global West Koni Double Adjustable Coilovers (he told me 850 lb Springs)

Global West tubular lowers

Global West tubular uppers

13" Baer/Alcon 4 piston front brakes



Global West Tubular lowers with heims

Stock Rear Brakes Appear to be 11.65"


SS 17" wheels and bald Kumho's


Interior is stripped and cage was an 8 point, but he cut out the front section(halo) because he didnt like it. :confused: Shouldnt be too bad to have that added back.


I know some of the parts are not legal for CMC. Will keep them for possible move to AI in time, or sell them.




What would a decent lower cost rear shock be. The car has bone stock shocks out back (and springs for that matter)


What year front brakes do I need for the upgrade. Already have 97 spindles on the car. (Im gonna hate taken those suckers off)


Any tips or advice is certainly appreciated.



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Lady, thanks for the interest in the brakes Im probably not going to sell anything just yet, but will keep you in mind if I change my mind. Good to see another Lady racer. My wife is a motorsports nut too, and we bought this car so that we would both be comfortable with her driving a car on the big track. Its as much for me as it is for her



(Remember you came over to my house with Lindseys block)


How could I forget ! I will call you soon Tony



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Call Chris Teasdale. He's got a post in the for sale section where he's parting out a 99. You should be able to get everything you need suspension, brake, and wheel wise from him.

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