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Koni Mono Tubes on the rear of 4th Gens on the cheap!

David Borden1548534711

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For those interested, I have found a way to adapt the adjustable Mono Tube koni 30 series shocks to 4th Gen Camaros.


These are Mono Tube shocks. Same technology as much more expensive alum racing shocks. They are not rebuildable, but at their price, it doesn’t much matter. They are 4 position rebound adjustable. These shocks have a much better low speed control than any twin tube shock has due to the volume of oil it moves and the valving technology. Same type of design as the Bilstein, but you get adjustability to boot.


You order 2 x Koni 6-0436(part # Griggs racing goes off) shocks and 1x upper eyelet adapter kit from Griggs Racing.


They are 6 inch shocks and are a bit shorter than the stock koni replacement, and are 1.15 inches shorter when extended. From Jon’s posts, this might be beneficial for droop limiting. Compressed length is 12.25 extended is 18.25. (Koni lists the part number as 30-1303 in their catalog)


These shocks can also be adapted to Coilovers with additional parts.


From what I know, these are the shocks that Griggs racing uses on their GR40 cars that seem to work quite well in AI and AIX. (someone correct me if I am wrong)


I should have the shock in a couple days. I will install them and provide feedback.



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