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window nets


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According to the CCR's window nets must be attached to the roll cage, and not to the door or body. Mounting net to top cage bar no problem, but what are you using for bottom mount? Any type of bracket would get in drivers way on exiting the vehicle. Any sugestions on this would greatly be appreciated!! Thanks.

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Here's a picture of how mine is mounted. Notice the net is mounted on a bar that raises up as you fasten the top until that pin hits the mounting tab. When you're getting out, it lowers out of your way.



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John-Attachment to the tubing can be done with webbing as well. Simply loop the webbing(2") around the tubing of the cage and through a metal rod threaded through the bottom edge of the net. Many kits are available with latch/buckle systems; check Racerparts Wholesale, Summit, Longacre, etc. Whatever you chose, mount it from the bottom so it falls away when you release it and don't drill into the tubing!


Good Luck.


Greg Robinson

CMC #12 Mustang

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