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New team in 2004

Greg R.

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I am pleased to announce that Tony Guaglione and I will be competing as a team this season in, you guessed it, a Mustang. We will be sharing driving duties so you never know who will be next to you in pre-grid!


Tony and I are looking forward to having more time to spend helping everyone have a great weekend. One of us will be always be available to help keep things running smoothly.


See you at CalSpeedway!


Greg Robinson

Tony Guaglione

CMC #12/55 Mustang

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Not only does it take two Mustangs to last through a whole CMC weekend but it also takes two drivers...I've seen the car, Al, and it's like the drivers ed cars of the '50's with another steering wheel and set of brakes on the right hand side...it should be intersting to see Tony and Greg in this set up..rp

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We have not put a name on the team,Yet.

Which car..BOTH

Car count:

We will have both cars at the track at some events.

Greg will run his one day and I will run my car the other day,and I will fun run at times when Greg is racing and he will do the same.

A Good name would be "Team Camaro killers"...just kidding.

I find it very hard to do all the stuff involved each weekend and race too, so this will take the load off a little and still let me race every weekend at least 50% of the time.

More attention to detail for our group which is growing faster than I could ever expect.

We will have over 40 CMC cars in Calif alone ready to go at anytime.


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