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License day a huge success !

Tony G

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The weather was beyond perfect, the people were great and the weekend was nothing short of awesome.




Provisional licenses were given to:


Jeff Bernard

John Barker

Curt Lilly

Carson Scheller

Don Lee ( Comp License)

Addison Lee (Comp License)

Paul Anderson

Craig Fretwell

Ed Hamilton

Robert Heim


Huge help and training was given by:

Mike Plum

Tim Bullock

Al Fernandez

Don Trask

Per Heldin

Sam Stowell

Dave Morin


Low Lights:

The Lee's had some motor problems,but were done with licensing since they hold SCCA Comp Licenses.

John Stahlman blew his motor on the second lap and had to go home early.

Curt Lilly had a rod knock at the end of Sundays events, but achieved his provisional.( Happy Birthday)!

Gary Goeringer lost 3rd gear on Saturday at Laguna,and had to miss Sundays program.


Best freaking part:

We had over 14 CMC cars on grid in group 4 and they wanted let me know that the CMC race was at 2:30...Yup just testing and licensing proved to show what CMC is all about, I had to laugh and tell them that we are not racing and that these guys were new and coming into CMC!!

More guys just licensing then the race groups had...

Thanks for everyones efforts, and for group 4 leader Al Butterfield's, great leadership.


Tony Guaglione

CMC Chief Director

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WHOA!!! Great job!


All the other regions should take note, this is the way to do it!

I'm sure those newbie CMC guys felt more comfortable on this first time since you guys could concentrate on showing them the ropes instead of racing!


I'm having a Licensing Day next year!!!

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Tony. I will take you up on going to Thunder Hill, as soon as we put in a new motor. oops. At least I found out what not to do. Anyways still had fun , and got to meet a great bunch of new CMC'ers. Al thanks for all the help! Handling was much better until the cloud of smoke in turn 5.

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Great news....


I walked around and found some cars, but didnt run into anyone familiar.


Glad to hear you all had a great event!!



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Tony is absolutely right, this was an awesome weekend. The new guys did just great! Not only are our numbers increasing, but we are also attracting some very talent new comers. This will make for a very interesting year of large talented fields. You just gotta love CMC



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I wanted to give a special thank you to Mike, Tim, Al, Don, Per, Sam, and Dave. You guys did a great job of instructing, having patience, giving encouragement, and being friendly. Now I know what they mean about the people in CMC being a friendly, tight-knit group. Thanks for taking the time out of your schedules to help us. I learned a lot this weekend, and I can't wait to get to the next event!!!



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Yeah, reminds me of way back when I was a rookie. Oops, that was just last year.


I had no idea what I was getting into, new car, new group, new tracks...


Damn glad I did though!

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Tony, Sears Point was fantastic ! The weather was great and I had the BEST time wearing off the tread of my new tires. I was glad to meet some of you guys , what a great bunch. Can't wait to meet the rest of you. Again , great job ! Jeff Bernard #31

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Thanks guys.

I'm glad we have you with us,and more important you had a chance to see just a touch of what CMC is all about.

I was really impressed with all of your abilities too.

You all will fit in very well,and I respect all of your learning attitudes.

I have never seen a better bunch of rookies, than what I saw this past weekend.

I personally welcome all of you into CMC !

Tony Guaglione

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I echo the compliments of the other rookie CMC drivers for the extremely well run weekend at Infineon. All the concerns about a new car ,new track and new group melted away with the help of ALL the CMC directors -instuctors.. the LEAD-FOLLOW and DRIVE ALONGS are measurable help .

Thanks again for making us all feel so welcome. The standard of excellents is very impressive with CMC . See a all Cal -Speedway . carson # 77

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Tony et al

I just wanted to commend you on a truley well organized event, and to let you know how much Paul and i enjoyed it. The track was terrific and the level of comaraderie amongst the competitors was great to see. Now if we can just find a car to drive..............

Well done to all involved in the organization of the event, we hope to see you all again real soon!

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tony, thanks for letting me run with your group i had a great time. see all of you @ calif speedway next month........mike FFR #31


when i see a mustang i see a parts car....................

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Working with all the newcomers were great..I had already met most of you out there while you were running in HPDE or just out there to get info and watch...The rookie class of 2004 is definetely the best one ever from what I saw..

2003 had some great rookie drivers added to CMC...

But this year seems to be even better

See ya all at Cali Speedway..

Per Helldin

CMC#88 (exAI) ..and at times running #81 in 2004

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I know I'm a little late, I was in Houston for a few days. Last weekend was absolutely fantastic. All of you guys that are new to the group did a great job, both on and off the track. Obviously all of you volunteer instructors and coaches did a great job as well, as evidenced by the fact that all these guys have provisionals/licenses and we didn't have a single on track incident.


How cool is it that there are more people competing for CMC Rookie of the Year than there are total cars in so many other classes? I can't wait until Fontana, its going to be an awesome event.

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