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DYNO and Annuals

Tony G

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Make sure you have a current 2004 Dyno for this year.. BEFORE you get to Cal Speedway if you want to collect any points.

No Dyno, no points, plain and simple.

Also, 2004 Annuals are also due and will be handled at the track on Saturday by the CMC directors during the day, so make sure you find one of us.

More Speedway info to come.

The registration is open NOW.


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Tony - besides you. who else should we lok for?


And do we need the inspections beofore we go out for practice #1? If so, it could be a busy morning for everybody.

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Any Director can sign off.

Don Trask

Nick Steel

Mike Plum

Greg Robinson

You can do it anytime Saturday,and it would be a good idea to do it before the first race, but after practice.

I will be setting up the weekend, but will be in Hawaii,and will miss Saturday,and I will try my best to get there for Sunday.

However, my Team car will be there with Robinson behind the wheel.


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Dumb rookie question: Is there a form we need for the annual, or will the directors have what we need on a new car?

Thanks for all the help.

Kevin Hall

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No question is dumb.

You will need to get a log book for your new car before you get to the track.

Once you have a log book,you will then have to get a annual each year after your issue of the log book.

Check out the NASA website for new log book locations.

Need help let me know.


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Kevin -


Typically when a log book is issued, the car is given an annual inspection then. Inspectionsf or new cars tend to be a bit more involved than annuals as more things need to be checked out like cage bar dia, pad contact area, belt mounts, etc etc.


I would recommend getting a logbook & annual done on a new car before arriving at the track. That way if a problem is found with the car you won't be thrashing at the track to fix it.


Hope that helps


- nick

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