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Cal Speedway Info

Tony G

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Just a week and a half away!

Ryan needs your entries, or otherwise we get split up into other groups.

Bring your Log Books,Comp Licenses,Dyno,and all the usual stuff.

Dinner Saturday night to be determined at the track on Saturday.

No testing on Friday.

Don't forget the TOYO deal, so make sure you have your stickers on your car or you won't get paid.

A/I has 12 entries and we look like we will have around 15-17,which will make a nice 30 car field.

Don't forget the next race is on April 3/4 at Buttonwillow, just as a reminder.


Tony Guaglione

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The Robinson family will host a BBQ dinner on Saturday night at the Robinson Motorsport trailer. If you attended last years' Fiesta with the requisite margaritas, you know we all had a good time sharing lies and laughs. Rookies: this is a great time to learn more about your fellow competitors. Byron has built a special BBQ that is absolutely AWESOME! Hope to see you all there!


Greg Robinson

#12/55 Mustang

Team Hi Line Motorsports

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Just got this from Ryan:



Come on slackers, this is the big event so dont register at the last minute. Please help me out and get your entry in by tomorrow. I need to make the schedule and I cant decide who to stick the small car counts with]!!!


Also, I just sent out pertinent information to the people already registered but I will include it here for the slackers that are going.




Here is a quick email about the upcoming Cal Speedway event.


1) Updates have been posted to the event page here https://www.nasaproracing.com/nasa_event/show/?event_id=110 Hotel information can be found on that page.

2) Tire service will be available at the track. Chapman BMW-Tire Service will bring the truck to the event but need tire orders to make it worth the trip. Please order your tires from them at 480-694-1797. Save the tax and shipping costs by having them bring the tires to the track and let them mount them there.

3) Race fuel will be sold at the track (100 and 112) for $6.00/gallon. Cash or Check only.

4) Annual Tech will be Friday from 10am-4pm. We will be in parking lot #3 (first lot to the right as you enter the main gate off Cherry)

5) Remember the 2 year seatbelt and window net rule. CHECK YOUR FIRE BOTTLES... we always catch some discharged.

6) The track is being used on Friday and we can not move inside the Oval until 5pm on Friday.

7) Camping in the RV's is allowed.

Gates will be open to 11PM on Friday and open at 6am on Saturday.

9) I wanted to remind everyone Comp Licenses need to be renewed each year. You should already have your provisional in hand or the new 2004 hard license. If you don't, you should should fax the Comp License document https://www.nasaproracing.com/forms.html to the office today at (510) 376-0323 Remember that medicals are good for 5 years for people under 36 years old, 2 years for 36-59, and every year for 60+ If you are faxing the renewal, include a credit card number because it wont get done in time if you mail.




More details (with schedule, garage assignments, etc will be sent next week). If you have any questions email me!




Ryan Flaherty

National Chairman


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As if there weren't enough action next weekend, Darpa's (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Grand Challenge competitors will be showing up sunday in preparation for their qualification and demonstration runs. Check out http://www.darpa.mil/grandchallenge/ for info on this crazy race for unmanned off-road vehicles with a $1million prize for the winner.

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