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Annual CMC Dues


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Tony has asked me to collect the $25 annual CMC dues. We use this money to fund barbeques, buy year end awards and lots of other fun stuff. Please get your payment in soon so we can start the party.


Payment options are plentiful, you can send a check via snail mail payable to me at 5126 Poston Drive, San Jose, CA 95136, you can catch up with me at Cal Speedway and hand over cash or those brave souls amongst you can pay me via Paypal by sending payment to [email protected]


Thanks in advance... now to book that flight to Vegas.


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Not to confuse those on the "other coasts"...this CMC dues request is only req'd for those racing on the West Coast. To my knowledge, the other 3 sides of the country aren't big enough yet to start with a CMC dues fund.


We'll get there!!!

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West Coast Racers,


Let's get this dues thing out of the way. If you haven't paid your dues yet and are going to be in Buttonwillow for the April race please plan on paying them then. If you're going to miss Buttonwillow please pay me via paypal or snail mail in the next week or two.




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