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Mustang Electrical Short


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Aha the wonder of Fords. Got the new motor working but: The fuseable link to the Computer has 5 amps of draw on it all the time. The 4 fuseable links combo wire to the dash have 0.5 amp. Even the solenoid energizer wire has 0.5 amps on it! --Each of these measurements were with the single wire only attached to the battery postive. Any suggestions what the fault is? The wire to the computer has 0 ohms on it. With the computer unplugged, there is zero amps. When I stick another known good computer in, it has the same 5 amp draw. I have now disconnected all known computer output signals: injectors & sensors. Still no stopping the 5 amp draw. My next step is to open up the computer and start tracing any 12 vt signals exiting it. Help!

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Where is the ignition key during all these readings? On GM cars, the OEM setup has the computer running the fuel pump, which would account for that kind of current with the ingition in the on position.

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