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OTC in April


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Seems that there are only 3 cars entered in UAGT, the class that AI, AIX and CMC would fit in.


Entry fee is 1800 and that covers 5 tracks in 5 days and 2 drivers. Seems fitting that we shoud have some kind of CMC representation in the race.


Hmmmm, that might be a way to get my car from Vegas to Cal in April......a track at a time.


Unfortunately work sometimes interferes with life but that seems like an extremely fun week.



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Not sure if you saw my post in the Southwest section, but CMC will be represented @ the 2004 OTC. Anyone care to sponsor us?

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Our way-underpowered CMC car managed a 3rd place in the UAGT class, with a 21 out of 35 overall finish.


Jack split his block in half @ WSIR. After that, all we could hope for is that one of the CSX Cobras would break - they didn't.


Running the west coast tracks was huge, huge fun. Hopefully, we can run in 2005.

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